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Hartford County Plumbing Leak Service

When a leak occurs, it often can go undetected for days or weeks. If you suspect a water leak, turn to Lesage Plumbing for skilled leak detection and repair.

We provide comprehensive repairs to protect your home from water damage or wasted money. Water leaks can cause serious health and property damage including:

  • Moisture build-up in floors, walls or ceiling with the development of mildew and black mold. Moisture related mold represents a very serious health a safety issue.
  • Wall damage from the saturation of insulation and sheetrock.
  • Damage to wood or carpeted flooring
  • Spikes in municipal water and sewer charges

Lesage Plumbing: Family Owned

The Lesage family is both licensed and insured to provide plumbing and heating services to Harford County, Connecticut homes and businesses. Our State of Connecticut Plumbing License is number 0277966-P1.

Emergency Burst Pipe Repair

When a pipe bursts in your home or office, it can result in major damage and endless headaches. You need a plumbing company you can count on to get the job done fast.

Lesage Plumbing offers emergency leak repair services in both residential and commercial settings. We have the experience necessary to help find the leak, stabilize the situation, and repair the leak so you can get back to normal.

Important Tip: In a plumbing emergency, you’ll need to stop the flow of water quickly. To do this, make sure you and each member of your family needs to know the location of the shutoff valve for every fixture and appliance, as well as the main shutoff valve for the house, and how they operate.

Winter Freeze-up Repair

Winter-time pipe freeze-up and burst pipes are and headache, and can result in severe water damage when the pipe thaws and huge amounts of water leaks into the home or business. Lesage Plumbing offers emergency pipe repair services for Central Connecticut home and business owners.

If you have a frozen pipe, first shut off the water supply to the affected area, and then call us. Lesage Plumbing will be there to help!

We will never leave you stranded when you are having a plumbing emergency.