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Lesage Plumbing Re-Piping Service Berlin, CT

Older New England homes can contain plumbing systems that are poorly sized or perhaps utilized materials that are now considered unsafe. And as homes and businesses age, their plumbing systems can begin to corrode resulting in poor water pressure or water leaks. To mitigate these risks, to bring you home or business to current plumbing standards, you should call Lesage Plumbing. We can evaluate your water supply and drainage systems, identify leak safety and leak risks, and propose the updates necessary.

Since 2012, we have helped hundreds of central Connecticut home and business owners with their plumbing problems. If your home is built before 1997, you should have us schedule a complete inspection of your plumbing system to evaluate these potential risk areas:

  • Very old homes can build prior to the 1940's may contain lead water supply piping and fixtures. Lead in drinking water represents a serious health risk. The consequences of environmental exposure to lead include kidney damage and reproductive problems, and for children in particular, permanent learning and behavior problems.
  • Prior to 1960, galvanized steel pipe was commonly used for water supply piping. Over time, steel pipe can rust and either leak or build-up rust that reduces water flow.
  • If your home or business was built between 1978 and 1995, there is a good chance it contains polybutylene supply piping. Polybutylene piping is now recognized as a serious leak hazard and will need to be replaced to prevent a catastrophic water leak in your home.
  • Underground Piping: If your house is built on a concrete slab, or has water piping that cannot be inspected, water leaks can occur without you knowing it and can cause high water bills.

At Lesage Plumbing, we can help with any water piping issue with your Hartford County home or business. Water leaks are a headache, and if not promptly detected and addressed can promote black mold and it’s associated serious health and property issues.

We offer full re-piping services utilizing modern PEX and lead-free copper piping systems. We can help develop a repiping plan that will minimize the disruption of your home or business and meet your budget needs.

Lesage Plumbing: Family Owned

The Lesage family is both licensed and insured to provide plumbing and heating services to Harford County, Connecticut homes and businesses. Our State of Connecticut Plumbing License is number 0277966-P1.